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I like watching documentaries, eating cake, playing Apples to Apples, hugging dogs, and talking about politics and culture. I don’t like zombies, cold, intoxicants, and being told jokes.

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A prison without walls is like a cell with a key

Most people don't have a point of reference for a prison without walls. Most people don't have a point of reference for a prison as a tourist destination, either. But Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm is both of those things: a place where incarcerated men move fairly freely over 64,000 acres and members of the public can come meet them, dance with them, and buy their handicrafts.

Watcher in the woods   stranger things article

Listen to the kids: How Watcher in the Woods and Stranger Things get it right

After my weird and perilous childhood, "anxious and hopeful" is sort of where I landed. I'm thankful that Watcher in the Woods and Stranger Things tell a story that shows those feelings can still be at the center of a happy ending. You just need people around you who will always believe you about your experiences, no matter how unlikely they sound.

Leanout article
The Walrus

Lean Out

Supporting women in politics is no longer a controversial move. What few folks have been brave enough to point out, however, is that there is a finite amount of seats to go around. So if we are saying we need more women in politics, we are also saying that there should be fewer men in politics. I don’t make the rules. That’s just math.

Gap kids article article
National Post

Everybody in dresses: Why does gender neutral clothing always mean 'boy' clothes for girls?

Where is Adam Lambert’s line for Gap Kids, promoted with an upbeat commercial of young boys playing with dolls and doing ballet while wearing shiny sparkly glam clothes and lipgloss while Diamond Rings serenades us all?

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Good Housekeeping

Polyamory and PTSD

People have a lot of questions about what life looks like with three serious partners. These conversations are never identical, but there are consistent ingredients: incredulity, hilarity and a twinge of envy and delight at the novelty of it all. While folks may expect salacious tales of group sex and jealous rages, the true story involves managing my love life through Google calendar and happily watching friendships develop between my partners.

Wesanderson cottage article
Now Magazine

10 fantasy summer cottage rentals within a four-hour drive of Toronto

The formula for a successful road trip is simple. Access to car + amazing snack selection + pre-loaded Google Maps + destination = great times. If you need help on the destination front, here are 10 very surprising rentals within a four-hour drive of Toronto.

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Hurts So Good: The Internet's Secretive Sprained Ankle Fetishists

He then became curious about my own leg situation, asking if I wore heels and stockings, and if I had ever worn a cast. I let him know that I was more of a flat shoes and black tights kind gal, and that I had a knee brace I had to wear sometimes. He got super enthusiastic, sending me four messages in rapid succession: "Wow I want to see it on you. Can you show me? Hello? Done talking to me?"

Adultlearning6 article
She Does The City

Adult Learning: Knowing When To Stand Up and When To Sit Down ...

Dudes (and white people) think that as long as they express the right ideas in public, and don’t actually insist any women make them actual sandwiches, they can keep on enjoying being at the top of the food chain and never have to do anything they don’t want to do, or ever not get to do anything that they do want to do. They feel their awareness can change the world, or that their guilt mitigates the impact of their privilege.

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Therapists who help you process trauma through your boy

When we are bombarded with body-shaming and narrow definitions of fitness every day, it can feel like an act of rebellion to just check out of exercise completely. But if you are someone who has felt chills of recognition when reading about of the ways that trauma can live on in our bodies, you might long for an entry point into building physical strength that doesn’t feel like opting into the gym industrial complex.

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Why a best friend at work can help you do your job better

When I hear Pellerin and Gaal’s story, I admit to being kind of jealous at their ability to find so many tandem jobs. My own career has taken me to different cities and workplaces every few years, so I had to eventually say goodbye to Michelle in Annapolis Royal. And later Karen in Ottawa. And then Marcie in Toronto.

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She Knows

7 Things Your Child-Free Friends Want You to Know

Even for a kid-free person who has been around babies a lot, it’s hard to know what our new parent friends need. Should we try to make plans to hang out with you or is it stressful to get those kinds of invites when you are adjusting to your new life? Should we comment on your posts about adjusting to having a baby or are you only looking to hear from fellow parents? Please feel free to let us know if you are not getting what you need from us.

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She Does The City

Adult Learning: How to break the pattern of dating Man-babies ...

I see so many women slogging away at day jobs they don’t love that leave little space for their own creative work, while making excuses for their male partners’ stagnation and lack of productivity. It hurts my heart for all of us. Can we please stop propping up these dud(e)s who aren’t propping us up back? Can we please expect our partners to be partners? Think of all the great art we could make!!! Or at least naps we could take.

Black girls article
The Daily Dot

When we laugh at rape jokes about black girls, we're part of the ...

The consumption of black bodies by white people hasn’t stopped. It happens when we appropriate black hairstyles and fashions, when we use black women as props, and when we turn the sexual assault (or the threat of assault) of black people into fodder for a punchline.

No alcohol 1 article
Brit + Co.

5 Reasons You Should Stop Giving Alcohol As a Holiday Gift

I was raised by an alcoholic mother, and I grew up pouring bottles and bottles of alcohol down the drain hoping it would make things stop. Seeing a bottle of wine in my space, or being expected to react to it with appreciation, is pretty difficult.

Schoolofunexplainedknocks article
The Walrus

School of Unexplained Knocks

I don’t believe in astrology or numerology; I don’t think there’s anything to be gleaned from magic crystals or the leaves at the bottom of my teacup. But I’ve been afraid of ghosts for as long as I can remember, so in December, I asked three friends to take the course with me at $21 a pop.